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About Two Wheeler Insurance

Just like riding a bike gives you an unmatched feeling of freedom, a two wheeler insurance plan offers you an unrivaled sense of security. It ensures complete peace of mind from damages occurring due to the perils of the road, and protects your bike from unfortunate events such as theft, natural or man-made calamities. So, get your two wheeler insured today, and enjoy every ride knowing you are completely covered.


Types of Two Wheeler Insurance:

We provide you the choice of two different types of bike insurance plans. Each is designed to provide varying levels of protection and are explained below:

  1. Comprehensive Insurance: This kind of motor insurance is comprehensive and covers all the components of the third-party motor insurance and more importantly includes injury or damage caused to you and your vehicle—this is known as own damage. Additionally, you can also purchase various added benefits (add-ons) which vary from insurer to insurer. These plans are available as single-year going up to 3 years of protection at one single cost. So you can forget about yearly renewals. Long term plans also help you save money as they turn-out to be more affordable in the long-run in comparison to buying and renewing single year plans.

  2. Third-Party Motor Insurance: This kind of motor insurance covers individuals, vehicles or properties who have been injured or damaged by the policy holder’s vehicle. However, it excludes any damage to the policy holder or their vehicle. This type of motor insurance is the most basic type of motor insurance available and is mandatory.

Our Plans:

The safe option: Single year comprehensive plan for all round protection & complete cover starting at Rs 548. The super-save option: Up to 38% discount on a Long Term two wheeler insurance policy.

Features that make Navi General Insurance your best choice

COCORide by Navi General Insurance is a policy designed around your needs. Every feature is aimed to provide you better financial protection in case of an accident. Our bike insurance plans are affordable, thoughtful and hassle-free to provide you with an all-round and comprehensive cover. Some of the leading features of our two wheeler insurance plans are given below:

  • Bike insurance starting at just Rs. 586
  • Fully Digital Process—Instant Policy
  • No Paperwork
  • Instant Online Self-Inspection
  • 12+ Add-Ons for Full Bike Protection!
  • Anywhere Claim Assistance—900+ Cashless Garage Networks
  • Transfer Full NCB Right Away When Renewing With Us!

Need more cover? Choose from our add-ons:

Our two wheeler insurance plans can be customised to meet your individual needs. We have a number of add-ons that you can choose from and tailor a plan that matches your expectations. Some of the popular add-on options have been listed below:

Consumable Expenses

Has deduction of cost of consumables like screws, engine oil, nuts and bolts, fuel filter, lubricants, brake oil, and grease etc. frustrated you in the past? Consumable Expenses cover will save you from these frustrations in the future.

Road Side Assistance

Hate being stuck in limbo? Roadside assistance offers a host of benefits including towing service, battery jump start, spare key arrangement, breakdown phone assistance, alternate transport and even accommodation if stuck outside your city of abode.

Zero Dep.

A policy without Zero Depreciation cover will pay only for the depreciated costs of parts, which is less than replacement costs. Hence, you should buy this cover as depreciation on parts are as high as 50%.

New Vehicle for Old Vehicle

Imagine paying less than <<50>> paise a day, and getting a claim worth your new vehicle value, in the event of theft or total loss.

Engine Protect

Do you live in a city (like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore & Chennai) which floods often? Are you worried of engine damage due to water entering it? What if oil leakage damages your engine? Engine Protect will take care of all such worries.

Accidental Hospitalisation

Accidents generally end up in a need to go to the hospital, although we dislike it. This add on will ensure that the cost of medical expenses (driver and occupants) do not add to your pains after your vehicle has met with an accident.

Hospi Cash

As the name suggests, Hospi Cash is specifically designed to provide you a fixed amount, as chosen by you when you are hospitalised. This is paid for a period of up to 5 days of hospitalization, post your vehicle meeting with an accident.

EMI Protector

Imagine the tension of an accident to your two-wheeler, compounded with hospitalization of more than 7 days, and the worry of having to pay the EMI too? Why worry? Go for EMI Protector that covers up to 3 months of EMI of your insured vehicle.

Outstanding Loan Protector

Nobody wants the burden of a loan to fall on their loved ones. In an unfortunate accident of the two-wheeler that results in the death or permanent disability of the owner, this cover ensures repayment of the outstanding loan amount to the financeir.

NCB (No Claim Bonus) Secure

Just one claim can take away your entire No Claim Bonus. NCB Secure ensures protection of your NCB in case of you having to make a claim during the policy tenure.

Enhanced Owner Personal Accident (PA)

Accidents don't come with a warning. Get this add on for enhanced coverage in the event of an unfortunate accident of your two-wheeler leading to death or permanent disability of the owner of the vehicle.

Enhanced Pillion Rider Personal Accident (PA)

Riding with your loved one? They need protection too. Get this add on for enhanced coverage in the event of an unfortunate accident of your two-wheeler leading to death or permanent disability of the pillion rider.

Did you know?

You can reduce your premium without lowering your cover!

Here are 3 tips to reduce your two wheeler insurance premiums.

  1. Avoid modifications
  2. Refrain from making small claims
  3. Get a membership with Automobile Association of India

Need help deciding? Talk to one of our experts right now!


How is my two wheeler insurance premium calculated?
Numerous factors decide the premium of your two wheeler insurance policy, some of these factors include:

  1. IDV of your vehicle
  2. Your existing NCB.
  3. The age of your bike.
  4. The capacity of your bike’s engine.

For more details, feel free to get in touch with our customer care team.

What are the documents required to purchase online two wheeler insurance?

  1. Your bike’s registration papers.
  2. Copies of your driving license
  3. Old insurance policy document (if you are transferring your policy to a new insurer).
  4. Address proof.
  5. Photo-Id proof.

What is NCB in two wheeler insurance?

NCB stands for no claim bonus. It is a discount on the policy premium given to you by your insurance provider for not making a claim for your vehicle in your insurance policy.

How is NCB calculated?

No claim bonus is like a discount or reward received on renewal for not having claimed insurance during the preceding year of cover.

Two Wheeler Insurance

Can I transfer my insurance plan without losing my NCB?

Yes, you can transfer your two wheeler insurance plan to a new service provide without losing your NCB. For further details, just pick-up the phone and speak to one of our customer executives.

What the required documents to register a claim?

Here are some of the documents you might be required to provide in case of claim settlement:

  • Repair Invoice
  • Duly Filled Claims Form
  • Copy of Insurance Policy / Cover Note
  • Copy of RC book (Registration Certificate)
  • Road Tax Paid Receipt
  • Copy of Motor Driving License of the person driving the vehicle
  • Police FIR (If required)

What is long term two wheeler insurance?

Long term two wheeler insurance is a wise decision. It’s a type of insurance policy that provides accidental cover on your two wheeler for a multiple number of years. With long-term two wheeler insurance, once purchased, the insured is relieved from the worry of renewing the policy year after year for at least two years. A single premium amount for the entire tenure of the policy also means that you’re safeguarded from the yearly 20% hike levied by the IRDAI. Click here to know more about long term two wheeler insurance.


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