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A New Age Travel Insurance

Who thinks of Travel Insurance? Smart people that’s who! It’s something you’ll never buy unless forced to get one to ensure you don’t get rejected for the visa! May you’ll buy international travel insurance—but what about those countless trips in trains and flights you make in India? Navi General Insurance is looking to make a change to the way you think about Travel Insurance within our digi-labs! What’s more—this isn’t a run of the mill travel insurance that you buy on the last minute—it got nothing more and nothing less than your needs and type of travel.

Why should you pay for all the fluff?

Navi General Insurance will soon bring to you Domestic as well as International Travel Insurance that covers your hospitalisation, baggage loss, passport loss and can be easily purchased online In India.

No two travellers are the same !

No two travellers are the same, so why should your travel insurance be the same? Depending on your travel destination, type of baggage, health coverage needed, and more we’ll give you the best possible travel insurance plans crafted just for you.

Whenever you’re traveling you open yourself and your happiness to several risks. With our international travel insurance and domestic travel insurance plans you be able to combat anything that comes in the way of a good trip! Whether you’re thinking of travel medical insurance or overseas travel insurance as a student, businessman, or pleasure-traveler—we’re covering you in ways that happy-proof your travels.

Navi General Insurance’s awesome Travel Insurance plans are coming soon—but don’t keep that from becoming a smarter traveler. We’ve brought together several blogs, articles, and tools that help you decide where to travel next in your budget, how to pack like a pro, and how to take care about tourist traps.

We’ve put it all together—just for you!

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