Third Party Liability Motor Insurance Policy - Yes, It's A Smarter Choice.

It’s simple. The minimal required motor insurance that the law needs you to have before you slide that key inside your vehicle.

Third Party Liability Insurance

It doesn’t matter if you have a car, bike, or hovercraft (we’re joking about this one). The point is you need to have at least a Third-Party Insurance or you’re driving illegally.

If you’re looking for a quick, simple, and easy, for your car or two-wheeler. Look no further.

The Navi GI Third Party Liability Only Policy lets you earn back your freedom and enjoy the drive.

Think of a world where you’re not worried about being caught by the law, because you have the required insurance with you! What’s more—in the unfortunate situation that you cause an accident, you don’t have to worry about footing the bill yourself.

A Third-Party Liability Policy does a bit more too! Not only does it cover damages caused by you to other vehicles, property, or persons—but has a Personal Accident Cover too!

This means you are protected in case of injury, or death in an accident. The only thing it doesn’t cover is damage caused to your own car.

If you’re in the market for insurance that’s simple and easy to buy—get the Navi GI Third Party Liability Only Policy now and also contribute towards the great social cause of creating an insured society.

The Navi GI Third Party Liability Only Policy Advantage

What's Covered in this Plan? (Your benefits)

  • Damages that your vehicle causes to someone else's vehicles or any other property upto Rs. 7.5 lacs.
  • Harm to other people such as injury, death, or disability caused by your vehicle colliding with them up to unlimited amount.
  • If you have a valid driving license you are covered for Personal Accident for Rs.1 lac for Two-Wheeler and Rs. 2 lacs for Private Car
  • Your legal liability towards the Paid Driver

What's Not Covered? (Really important to know!)

  • Any damage to your vehicle if there is an accident.
  • Any legal liability not required to be covered as per Motor Vehicles Act 1988

Who Should Buy It?

Legally everyone! As per Motor Vehicles Act 1988, you must have third party insurance for plying your vehicle on a public road. You will not just be fined by transport authorities, if you are caught driving without insurance but will expose yourself to unlimited financial liability in case of any unfortunate accident. Also, if you’ve got an older car or bike and not interested in comprehensive cover—this is the insurance for you.


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