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Home Insurance Plans

A New Age Home Insurance

Home insurance can sometimes be the last thing on your mind after you’ve laid the precious final stones on your dream home—isn’t it? You’ve bought the best materials, a great architect, and even a lifetime of savings. But who’s going to think of property insurance right?

That’s where you’ve got it wrong. Once you’ve built your castle—you need the right kind of fortification with house insurance. Home insurance is the wall that you build against natural calamities, fire, and other shadows that could fall on your abode!

Ensuring you built a house right is only half the job! Home or property insurance is half the other job to be able to truly live with the freedom you imagined when realising the dream of your own house.

What’s more? You will not be getting a run-of-the-mill house insurance that everyone else is creating—your home is unique to your taste.

Home Insurance Crafted For You

Navi General Insurance brings to you home insurance crafted especially for you that protects you against fire, terrorism, property loss, and more! Easily purchased online in India.

If no two homes are the same, why should your home insurance be the same. Depending on your home size, geography, and risk profile we craft home insurance policies that make sense just for you.

So, now that you sit in that verandah, sipping your favorite tea and reading the newspaper—your home can be equally relaxed as you! You’ll never need to dip into your savings if anything untowardly happens to your home—your property insurance will be there to save you! Home insurance is a safety net that everyone needs. Protect your beautiful home today.

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