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Car insurance makes it easier to keep your vehicle in mint condition for as long as you own it. It ensures both minor and major damages are taken care of at the least possible cost out of your pocket. When you own a quality car insurance policy, you get peace of mind from the perils of the road and a financial safety net from unforeseen events. So get insured today and enjoy a complete sense of security on every drive!


Types of Car Insurance

Understand the types of motor insurance available, so you can be confident about your final purchase decision.

Third Party Car Insurance

Third party insurance is the most basic form of insurance and is mandatory to drive your car on Indian roads. It only covers injuries and damages occurring to a third party and their vehicle or property. It does not provide cover for any damage to the policy holder or their vehicle.

Comprehensive Car Insurance

In addition to providing third party cover, comprehensive insurance also provides protection against injuries & damages to the policy holder or their vehicle. Considered as a full package insurance, comprehensive plans usually cover theft & floods among other manmade and natural calamities as well.

Long-term comprehensive car insurance

These plans provide comprehensive cover for multiple years at one consolidated premium amount. They provide policyholders significant savings and ensures they do not have to go through the hassles of yearly renewals. Further, the No Claim Bonus applicable on such plans is not lost completely on making a claim against your policy, thereby providing you added savings.

Features that make COCODrive by Navi General Insurance your best choice

COCODrive by Navi General Insurance is designed with an emphasis on making car insurance simple to understand, flexible as per your needs and easy to purchase. It combines all the features you need to ensure you and your care are in safe hands. With COCODrive, you will have a feeling of unmatched reassurance on every drive. Here are some of the other reasons that make COCODrive by Navi General Insurance your best choice:

Tailor your car insurance plan as per your needs!

COCODrive by Navi General Insurance is a comprehensive motor insurance policy that provides all-round cover. However, you can choose from our optional extras to add more layers of protection to the existing policy. Some of these add-ons include:

For the repair or replacement expenses of plastic, rubber, glass and other materials which would otherwise not be covered in a regular policy.

For times when the monsoons are at their destructive worst, and leave your car's engine and your tear glands vulnerable to flooding.


To continue enjoying a discounted premium on your no-claim bonus year-on-year, even after making a claim during the policy period.


To recover as much as the car's on-road price or Insured Declared Value, in case of total loss (such as theft or a really bad accident).

Did you know? You can save big on your car insurance premium by using these 4 tips

  • Buy car insurance online
  • Keep you NCB intact by avoiding smaller claims
  • Install safety features
  • Become a member of Automobile Association of India.

Need help choosing the perfect motor insurance plan? We’re here to help!


How is the premium for my motor insurance policy decided?

The premium applicable on your motor insurance policy is decided basis a number of factors. Among them, the following are the more important factors that influence your motor insurance premium:

  • The IDV of your vehicleYour vehicle’s manufacturer, model & age
  • Where you live
  • Any NCB you have from a previous policy
  • The add-ons you wish to add as extras

For a clearer, more in-depth understanding of the pricing, feel free to get in touch with our customer service executive or char with one of our executives, by clicking here.

What is IDV?

IDV is short for Insured Declared Value. As the name suggests, it is the current market value of your vehicle that an insurance provider will provide in case of total damage or theft. IDV is one of the most important factors that decided your car insurance premium.

Should I buy Car Insurance Online?

When you buy car insurance online, you make the purchase without any third party agent or their fees. Moreover, buying online motor insurance saves the insurer overhead costs. These savings are passed on to you when you buy car insurance online.

Buying car insurance online also helps you save time and effort. It cuts out the hassle of visiting insurance outlets to compare to motor insurance quotes. Therefore, when you buy car insurance online you get the same plan as you would if you purchased it offline, only with more savings and less hassles! So, buying car insurance online is definitely the way to go!

What does NCB mean in motor insurance?

NCB is a reward in the form of a discount that your insurance provides to you for not making a claim during the term of your insurance policy. This discount is applicable when you renew your policy the following year.

How is my NCB calculated?

No claim bonus is like a discount or reward received on renewal for not having claimed insurance during the preceding year of cover.

NCB Table - Four Wheeler

Can I switch to a new motor insurance company without losing my NCB?

Definitely, you can switch to a new motor insurance provider and retain your NCBs too! This means the NCB discount will be applicable when you pay your first premium with the new insurer. If you need more help regarding this, feel free to get in touch with us.

What are the benefits of choosing long term car insurance?

Long term motor insurance saves you from yearly price hikes and ensures you do not have make troublesome visits to renew your policy. Another benefit of opting for long term motor insurance is that you do not lose out on NCB completely when you make a claim.


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