Your Engine Is To Your Bike What Your Heart Is To You. Secure it With Engine Protector Add-on Cover Today!

If Your Bike Is Close To Your Heart, You Need to Protect Its Heart—The Engine At All Times. Here's How You Can Do It

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There are cities in India which are exposed to severe rainfall during the monsoons. Inundation and water logging of roads are reality for these cities. Now, when you have water all around, you ride your bike by instinct. You don’t know when your bike can encounter a pothole. It is a challenge to get through safely.

Under such circumstances, there are high chances that your vehicle can stall at any time due to seepage of water into the engine. It can cause extensive damage to your internal engine parts, gearbox or transmission, and so on. The engine is the heart and soul of your bike.

Does your standard comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy cover the damage to the internal parts of the engine? Surprisingly, the answer is no. Therefore, it is always advisable to buy the engine protector add-on cover along with your base vehicle insurance policy.

How Do You Benefit From This Vehicle Insurance Add-On Cover?

It covers any repairs and replacement expenses for loss or damage to the internal parts of the engine, gearbox, transmission, and so on. When you repair the engine, you have to remove the oil and lubricants. Therefore, it entails adding new oil, lubricants, and coolants after the overhauling of the engine. This add-on vehicle insurance cover takes care of such replacement costs as well.

In a vehicle insurance policy, it is always vital to know what it does not cover. In case you delay intimating the garage and the motor insurance company of the damage, the engine can undergo corrosion. Your vehicle insurance add-on cover does not cater to such carelessness on your part. Therefore, the first thing to do in case you suspect damage to the engine is to push the vehicle to a safe location and call the garage. Inform the motor insurance company as well. Never attempt to kick start the engine, especially when the engine is under water, as one ends up causing more damage to the engine.

You should be able to prove to the vehicle insurance company that the ingress of water into the engine is the cause of the problem. Nowadays, it is not difficult to do so. Take a couple of photos on your smartphone and use it as evidence. Transport the vehicle to the garage after water recedes in the area. Make sure that you take the vehicle to an authorised garage.

Your engine protector motor insurance add-on cover can help you save a neat sum because your bike’s engine is expensive. Therefore, be smart and have this cover along with the comprehensive bike insurance in place. At least, people in cities like Mumbai need this vehicle insurance add-on cover more than anyone else.

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