What Is Global Health Insurance Cover?

This article will tell you more about the global health insurance cover, the protection it provides, how to get it and why it is important. Read now!

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Several Indians are going abroad in search of superior medical treatment. However, one major obstacle that stands between us and getting medical care outside of India is the cost. Exorbitant prices combined with expensive currencies put overseas healthcare facilities beyond reach for many. What’s more is that, until recently, most health insurance plans in India did not even offer coverage for these costs — fortunately this has changed!

What Is Global Health Insurance Cover?

It is a type of cover that takes care of medical expenses for inpatient hospitalisation outside of India. This benefit can be used for treatment of life-threatening illnesses, and can be utilised once in a policy year. Opting for such a cover gives you a fluid health insurance that moves wherever you want to take it.

How Do I Include This Cover In My Policy?

The worldwide emergency hospitalisation cover is an extra benefit. You can include this to your policy to enjoy global health insurance cover. It may be purchased upon buying the plan or even when renewing the policy.

Want a global health insurance policy but don’t know how to get it? Find global health insurance a little complex? No problem! Your health insurance provider can help you out!

We hope this article has been helpful, and given you a better understanding of global health insurance cover.

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