What Car Insurance Cover Should I Buy If I Go On Road Trips Often?

You Can Improve Your Motor Insurance Coverage By Opting For Add-Ons. Read On To Know Further


Until a decade ago, road trips were almost unheard of in India. Or even if they were, they were not part of the mainstream culture. People said they were only for young college students or professionals or for the bohemian at heart. Fast forward to today. Road trips are everyone; everyone takes them. Even one’s age doesn’t matter. A recent Bollywood film showed a woman taking a road trip with her aging father touched many a heart. In this case, it’s ‘art imitating real life’. Of course, road trips are fun; everyone sings, eats together, and there’s no one to disturb your peace. You not only get to enjoy the local scenery, but you can also stop at your convenience to take pictures. Of course, only if it is safe to do so. Safety, in fact, is one of the most important things to consider when taking road trips. And when you talk about safety and cars in one breath, you cannot help but think about motor insurance.

Car insurance or even two-wheeler insurance is essential when you go on road trips. Let’s look at what kind of online car insurance should you buy if you go on regular road trips.

Would Third Party Motor Insurance Be Adequate?

Car insurance policyholders can buy two kinds of motor insurance policies in India: Third Party Car Insurance and Comprehensive Car Insurance. In third party insurance, coverage is only offered against injuries or death to the third party and damages to their property. Comprehensive Car Insurance covers the policyholder’s vehicle, as well as offers third-party coverage. The latter also provides a personal accident cover for the policyholder. A comprehensive car insurance policy can be customised further with add-on covers, which offer extra protection to policyholders and their vehicles.

While Third Party Insurance is cheaper than Comprehensive Car Insurance, it offers only basic coverage. Let’s look at example to understand this better. You recently purchased a new car, which cost you upwards of Rs 15 lakh. You not only drive your car to work every day, which is about 40km from your home, but you also drive it to nearby getaways with your family on the weekends. Now, on one such weekend trip with your family, your car is involved in an accident with another car. Thankfully, you or the occupants of your car are not injured, but your vehicle is damaged. Now, when you take your car to a service centre, an estimate of Rs 1.30 lakh towards the cost of repairs is shared with you. When you call your car insurance provider to inform them of the accident, you are told that you are not eligible to be reimbursed for your car repairs as you only have third party car insurance and not comprehensive car insurance. You find out the hard way that you while you did save a few thousands on car insurance, you actually ended up losing more money towards car repairs in the long run.

How Do I Make My Car Insurance Coverage Better?

You can improve the coverage of your comprehensive car insurance by opting for motor insurance add-ons. If you have a new car, and go on roadtrips often, which involves driving through highways and sometimes even dirt roads, opting for the zero depreciation add-on car insurance cover will especially benefit you. You can also benefit from this add-on motor insurance cover if you drive an expensive car, as spare parts for such cars can be costly. Another add-on cover that will benefit those going on road trips often is the enhanced owner/driver/co-passenger cover as the chances of accidents are high on highways. You can also purchase the personal belongings protector add-on cover for enhance motor insurance coverage. While any damage or loss to your car is covered by your car insurance policy, your car insurance provider does not pay for items such as laptops stolen from inside your car unless you have the personal belongings protector add-on cover. This add-on cover is especially useful on road trips when you park your car in unknown public places.

Safety Tips To Follow While Taking Road trips

Apart from buying a motor insurance policy online that provides complete coverage for you and your vehicle, you should also follow all safety tips while taking road trips. Here are some suggestions:

1) Take breaks in between driving. Do not drive straight for hours as sleep deprivation or tiredness can interfere with your driving capabilities. Avoid overnight driving as driving in the light is safer.

2) Keep all important contact number including your car insurance provider’s handy as during an emergency, you should not struggle to find numbers, but focus on getting actual help.

3) Last, follow all traffic rules and regulations.

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