My Car Insurance Expired. What to do?

Don’t panic if you forget to renew your vehicle insurance online. Read these tips instead

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We live in a day and age where everything is being designed to give the benefit of convenience to users. Even bill payments. Like our earlier generations, we don’t have to visit a store to pay our bills, say telephone, mobile, electricity; we can do it from the comfort of our homes or on the go. In spite of this convenience, we miss out on bill payments sometimes. And this happens even when we get regular reminders from companies. The same happens with car insurance renewals. Now, even though policyholders have the convenience to renew their vehicle insurance online, they sometimes miss doing so. The reasons can be umpteen ranging from forgetfulness to plain ignorance, as sometimes it is believed that renewing vehicle insurance on time is not important.

Now, assume you are a very careful person and you always pay your bills on time, but this time you had a slip, and you missed renewing your vehicle insurance policy before the due date, what would you do in such a scenario? Read on to find out.

1) Check how long ago your vehicle insurance policy expired

So, you receive a notification from your car insurance company stating that today is the last day to renew your vehicle insurance, but you either miss it or ignore it. Most of us have been though a situation where we have tried to put something important on the backburner, until we realise nothing can be done about it because it is too late. While you can renew your expired vehicle insurance, you may have to get your car inspected, and even pay a fee for it. So, check the process with your insurance company.

2) Do not drive your car until you have valid insurance

Surprisingly, some people forget about renewing their car insurance policy until they are caught by the police, and, as a result, have to pay a heavy fine for driving without car insurance. While this is sheer carelessness, often people drive their cars knowingly even though they are aware that their insurance policy has lapsed. You will not only face a heavy fine by the police, if caught, but if your car is involved in a major accident, you will also end up losing lakhs of rupees. Further, if a third party or you are injured in the event, you will have to bear the entire cost of treatment.

3) How to be more careful with your vehicle insurance policy renewal

We have already spent lakhs of rupees on buying our cars, so would you want to spend more another thousands or lakhs on fixing damages on your vehicle just because you wanted to save a few thousands on your car insurance? We are guessing your answer is a “No”. While there is a cure for forgetfulness, which is one of the most common human traits, there isn’t one for ignorance. So, we can suggest a few tips to address the problem associated with the former. To ensure you do not forget to renew your car insurance before the due date, set reminders on your phone, make entries in your planner, or ask your friends and family to remind you to renew your car insurance policy. We are sure, at least one person would do the kind deed. And of course, keep a watch for any updates sent by your car insurance company.

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