Does Your Health Insurance Have An Organ Donor Cover?

Organ donor cover in health insurance makes things easier for the donor and, therefore, speeds up the transplant process. Read about it here!

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Modern medicine has advanced by leaps and bounds. Today, heart, liver, kidney, lung, pancreas bone marrow and many more organs can be transplanted to give individuals a new lease of life. Therefore, it is helpful to have an add-on to cover organ donor expenses. Let us know more about the organ donor cover.

Organ Transplants And Health Insurance — How Does It Work?

Most health insurance plans cover diagnosed conditions, healthcare procedures and a few surgical procedures — of course, this is subject to the coverage and underwriting of the health insurance policy. This is why, in case a policyholder needs an organ transplant, leading health insurance plans make it fairly clear that the cost of the surgery and any tests/procedures involved in the organ transplantation process will be covered up to the sum insured and as specified in the policy wordings.

Okay, But What About The Donor?

With an organ bank, this question does not arise. However, if a live donor is involved then there might be some complications. First, the donor’s health insurance policy might not cover his/her expenses. This is because providing an organ to someone else is not considered as a required medical procedure, and therefore the expenses incurred are not covered. Moreover, the receiver’s insurance only covers the policyholder, and not a third party.

Fortunately, Where There Is A Problem, There Is A Solution!

The fact that donors might have to cover the cost on their own is a major deterrent. It is one of the major reasons why donors do not come forward, and as a result many individuals fail to get help in time. The organ donor cover can be a blessing in such instances. This benefit covers the medical and surgical expenses of the organ donor when harvesting a major organ transplant for the insured. It ensures that expenses of the donor are covered, and the insured gets the organ that is required in time, and without any unwanted complications!

How To Include This Cover In The Policy?

When purchasing a plan, one can simply opt to include the organ donor expense cover as an add-on benefit to their plan. In some health insurance policies, this is a built-in benefit. For existing customers, this add-on may be included at any point of time by making an amendment to the existing policy or by including this add-on on renewal of the health insurance online. Also, since this add-on may seldom be required, the premium for it is low too. It’s a small cost to pay for something that is this helpful!

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