Coronavirus: Myths and Precautions for COVID-19

Keep safe from corona virus, read through the basic information about COVID-19, its symptoms, the safety measures. Coronavirus myths & facts.

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At the start of the New Year, the entire world was introduced to a new illness named as COVID-19, caused by a virus, identified as Coronavirus. Although, each country has been making their own efforts for containing the virus’ spread, there is a spread of misinformation related to the illness on various mediums.

This includes a great deal of myths, conspiracy theories, and false remedies.

These myths have emerged from different parts of the internet as well as mainstream media. Hence, the question begs to be asked. How can you get the right answers for all your coronavirus questions?

The best way to deal with this new illness is to acquire more knowledge about it.

This means knowing all the coronavirus myths and facts along with the proper precautions.

What do we know about Coronavirus?

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a large family of viruses. They can cause illnesses ranging from a common cold to more severe diseases such as SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) & MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome).

The name corona stems from the fact that this family of viruses resembles the shape of a crown when examined under a microscope.

The virus that is currently spreading around the world is a strain of the Corona Virus.

However, it is a new strain that has never been encountered before and the new name of the disease caused by this virus is coronavirus disease 2019, abbreviated as COVID-19.

What are the symptoms?

The trickiest part of this illness is that its symptoms are very similar to that of common cold.

An infected individual may present with dry cough, fever, and difficulty in breathing as primary indicators of the disease.

As a result of the disease’s nature and novelty, existing available antiviral drugs have no effect on the virus. However, this does not mean that a patient cannot recover.

The major factor that recovery depends on is the strength of the immune system.

Hence, if you have a strong immune system, you are more than likely to recover successfully with proper management of symptoms.


The first step in combating the novel coronavirus is to recognize the various myths going around about it.

Hence, here are few myths that you should know about:

  • Coronavirus can be transmitted through mosquito bites

While there are diseases like malaria or dengue that are known to be caused through mosquito bites, no evidence has been found to support the same for COVID-2019.

The novel coronavirus is transmitted primarily through droplets generated when an infected person sneezes or coughs.

  • Home remedies can cure or prevent the virus

Regular intake of Garlic, water, and vitamin C may be good for your general health but, consuming either of these continuously to cure COVID-19 is based on a myth.

Like most myths related to the coronavirus, there is no evidence to support that these remedies are effective for completely curing the illness.

The same can be said for essential oils and colloidal silver.

There is one thing that every legit coronavirus health advisory will tell you.

The best you can do against this coronavirus is controlling its spread. This means there is no existing cure for the virus.

However, research is underway to create a vaccine to prevent the illness from occurring.

  • You need to get a mask

Whether you need a mask depends on whether you are infected or not.

If you are not infected, you do not need a mask except for health workers and people who are taking care of someone in close settings at home or in a healthcare facility to prevent themselves from getting infected.

The purpose of the mask is to help infected individuals to avoid spreading the virus to others.

For the same purpose, these masks need to be disposable. For non-infected individuals, proper coronavirus safety measures are the best option.


Much of the speculation around COVID-19 has proven to be panic-inducing myths.

Hence, the best way to go about protecting yourself is to follow the proper precautions. These include:

  • Ensure that you wash your hands frequently with water and soap.
  • Use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer frequently.
  • Cover your nose and mouth with your elbow or a tissue while sneezing or coughing. Ensure that you dispose the tissue immediately.
  • Refrain from having close contact with anyone that shows symptoms of COVID-19 like cough and sneezing.
  • If you or your child feel feverish, have cough, or have difficulty breathing, seek medical care immediately.

These precautions are great measures to protect you from a 2019-nCoV infection.

However, it is much better to be prepared for all possibilities. If you find yourself in such an unfortunate situation, it is great to have health insurance that can cover you for all your medical expenses for such illnesses.

This way, you can completely focus on your recovery.

Hope this blog helps you in protecting yourself from COVID-19.

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