Want to Keep Your Car Running Like New? Follow These 5 Simple Car Maintenance Tips!

The more you care for your car, the more you will get out of it! Here are five simple car maintenance tips to keep it running like new and avoid any unfortunate situations.


If you care more for your car, you get more out of your car!

Regular car maintenance not only ensures consistent performance, but it also saves money that you would have otherwise spent on repairs.

For example, if you check the car battery regularly and take appropriate measures when required, you can extend its life considerably.

Further, maintaining your car now ensures that it has good resale value in the future. So here are 5 tips for maintaining your car and keep it running & looking like new.

Follow the suggested maintenance schedule

The car manufacturer knows how to best maintain your car. They share this knowledge with you through an official maintenance manual that comes with your car.

This manual includes recommendations for the regular maintenance of your vehicle. While you are not bound to follow them, doing so would be smart.

For instance, visiting a service station as per the recommended schedule ensures, among other things, that:

-Your car’s engine oil is changed on time

-All fluids are the right color and at the right level.

-Oil & air filters are clean, providing optimum performance

Pay special attention to your tires

Tires are, quite literally, what make a car move. They need proper care to ensure your drives are both comfortable and safe.

For example, tires should be kept inflated at the ideal pressure. Under-inflated tires will result in various problems like quicker wear and tear, and poor mileage. Moreover, having properly inflated tires ensures better car handling lowering the risk of an accident.

One of the most important general car maintenance tips is to first inspect the tires whenever you approach your car. Other tips for tire maintenance include checking PSI levels (this can be done every time you refuel your car), checking for cracks, and ensuring the health of tire treads. To be safe, you should keep a tire gauge in your glove box.

Get your car brakes inspected every six months

If you have been driving for any amount of time, you know how important brakes are for the car!

Brakes work on friction which is generated by either a brake pad or a brake shoe. However, they are controlled by a pedal inside the car.

A problem with brakes can originate either in the brake pads or the mechanism that controls them.

Test your brakes at least once every six months. If you find an issue, get a mechanic to look at them immediately.

Be attentive

Having a car is in many ways like having a pet. While you cannot talk with it, you can definitely pick up signs about what it needs.

Every car performs flawlessly when you have just purchased it. Therefore, you know what it is supposed to run like.

Be attentive and you will notice whenever things start to slip. Do not wait for things to get worse, act early to keep your car performing at its peak longer.

Additionally, you should also know what these signs may mean. For example, if you suddenly notice squealing or grinding noises, it could mean that your brakes require attention.

Pay attention to the sights and sounds of your car and address them quickly.

Have a good insurance policy

It is not news that car insurance is mandatory for every vehicle. However, car insurance can be more than just legal compliance. The tips to maintain your car listed above can ensure smooth functioning and avoid a lot of unfortunate accidents. However, not all accidents are avoidable.

Does this mean you should accept the risk? Absolutely not! This is where a good insurance policy can help you.

If you ever get into an accident, the car insurance policy will provide you coverage against damages. This way, you can ensure that your car is repaired back to new without having to burn a hole in your pocket.

Cars are among the most popular means of transport today. The reason for it is the great deal of convenience they offer. You can go from point A to point B whenever you want and with ease. This also means that you do not have to depend on public transportation for your daily commute.

However, a car is only as good as the owner maintains it. You should ensure that your vehicle gets regular maintenance checks and that you are prepared for every situation through a suitable motor insurance plan.

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